Saturday, August 31, 2013

In the Spotlight. . .

Over the next week or so, we'll be publishing a series of posts starring some very special cats who have been with us for awhile, but have yet to find their forever homes. All of these ladies and gents are spayed/neutered, house trained, and up to date with routine shots. Could you be the right match for Suzy, Zipper, Sassy, LeeLee, Murphy, or Sluggy? Stay tuned to find out!

Today's featured kitty is. . .


Suzy is a sweet, shy two-year-old tortoiseshell shorthair who knows the value of a good blanket, both for cuddling and for hiding under. She may take refuge there when meeting a new person, but if you give her a chance (and by “a chance,” we mean a significant amount of one-on-one time at the shelter and then in your home), you'll discover a kitty who, while something of a loner, likes to play with lasers, feathers, and crinkly toys. Suzy is a candidate for placement in a low-key home (no kids, please) where she's the only cat or where she's joining another friendly cat. The most important thing for her is an owner who is gentle, soft-spoken, and patient enough to appreciate the baby steps forward that careful nurturing will bring.

Suzy may have some untapped potential for socialization or she may be as social now as she'll ever be. We can't be sure, but we do know that she needs a strong, established comfort zone in order to feel safe enough venture out of her shell. Suzy's FIV-positive status means that she needs to stay indoors. Although her immune system isn't as strong as that of a cat without FIV, she can and does safely co-exist with them. FIV is only transmitted among cats. It does not affect humans, and is only transmitted via deep bites or from mama cat to kitten (which is how Suzy got it). Learn more about FIV here .

Suzy has been waiting and hoping to experience the unconditional love and security of a true forever home, but first she has to make friends with plenty of potential candidates! Get acquainted with Suzy on Saturdays between 11:00 and 3:00.