Friday, November 15, 2013

Tips for a Purrfect Thanksgiving

Alice says "Happy Thanksgiving!"

With just a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving, we've been thinking about the many things for which we're grateful. On behalf of all of BCC's cats -- from our feral colonies to our foster kitties to the residents at our Feline Rescue and Adoption Center -- we'd like to thank friends old and new for donations of time, money, publicity, supplies, and all manner of other support. As for the wonderful people who've made room in their lives for one or more of our shelter cats, we'd bet they're expressing their gratitude every day!

As you get ready to share the day with friends and family, here are 5 tips to make Thanksgiving (or any holiday) equally wonderful for your cat.

  1. Be mindful of where cats go once company arrives. Some would rather retreat than meet guests, while others might look for any opportunity to slip outside as guests come in. Make sure that indoor cats are in a safe spot during the festivities. If you have a cat who really hates company, set up a “safe room” where she can chill out (be sure to provide food, water, and litter).

  2. Cats plus candles can spell disaster, so if you have a curious feline around the house, you may have more to worry about than simply keeping Kitty out of the entrees. Consider replacing your tabletop candles with LED candles for danger-free ambiance.

  3. Did you know that onions are highly toxic to cats? For this reason, onion-laced gravies and side dishes should not be part of your furry friend's Thanksgiving meal. That doesn't mean he can't enjoy a bit of turkey -- just make sure it's plain. Sneak him a few cooked, chopped giblets, and he'll be in heaven!

  4. Serve your cat before you serve your guests. This way, she can enjoy her meal in peace and have a post-turkey snooze while the "official" dinner is being served.

  5. Give Kitty some quality time before and during the festivities. 15 minutes of playing and petting an hour or so before the guests arrive will be therapeutic for both of you. If he's in a safe room or not hiding under the bed, give him a little attention later on, too. Of course, you'll probably collapse together after everyone's gone, but those little extra visits beforehand will remind your pet that you're thankful for him, too!

    Stay tuned for updates on BCC's upcoming events as well as profiles of our Featured Cats :)