Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gracie: June's Cat of the Month!

There are still two more weekends left for you to visit BCC's Feline Rescue and Adoption Center and meet Gracie, our Cat of the Month for June! Learn more about her below, and don't forget that for the rest of the month, her adoption fee is only $35!


  1. GREAT GRACIE'S FIERCE SHE DESRVES CAT OF THE MONTH! Is fierece what your looking for but yet she can be SWEET when she wants too.
    From, Margaret Rose a volunteer at Branford Compassion Club on Sundays Pm shift and Fridays pm shift

  2. WHY HASNT ANYONE COMMENTED OR POSTED IN ALONG TIME THIS IS MARGARET AGAIN WITH AN ACCOUNT NOW AND Um... Gracie needs a home so why not spend your time socialzing her after you comment on this site


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